EPISODE 24 – AGP (Amanda Gilliam Presents) Brian Latimer

On this episode of AGP we welcome comic artist Brian Latimer to the show. Brian has lived in Ohio most of his life. Lived in both the country and big cities like Columbus and Dayton. He also spent a year living in Israel. Brian has worked with many independent publishers, including pencil & inks for Open Tree #1 from Assailant Comics, penciling Price For The Asking for Comic Related.Com, pencils for The Ghost and the Pinup Calendar for Double Barrel Theatre, and art for Scout’s Honor written by Nathan Sage, colored by Tamra Bonvillain. Brian’s currently working on his own comic The Remedy, a superhero drama, and The UnNaturals, written by Bill and Raichal Gladman. These will be published by Savvy Comics. So please join us in learning more about Brian Latimer.

EPISODE 23 – AGP (Amanda Gilliam Presents) John Wilson

On this episode of AGP we welcome comic creator John Wilson to the show. John has a new comic coming out from Last Ember Press called Pnemumatic Cases. a Victorian era Steampunk Detective Romance story starring Lord and Lady Ravenscroft, two brilliant scientists and inventors who love a good mystery. In addition to this John also has two stories in Last Ember Press’ Fireside Tales, I am illustrating a children’s book and have written two of my own that will be out before the end of the year, Char-Mageddon and EEK! Li’l Monsters. So please join us to learn more about John’s work in the comic industry and so much more.