EPISODE113 – AGP (Amanda Gilliam Presents) w/ Annie Erksine & Clint Waters

On this episode of AGP, I welcome comic creators Annie Erskine and Clint Waters to the show. Annie Erskine is the founder and Lead Artist for Ionic Comics. She is currently working as a freelance illustrator/graphic designer for Cartoon Network and a contributing comic artist for CollegeHumor. The Kentucky Foundation for Women recently named Annie the recipient of their 2016 Firestarter Award. She frequents the comic convention circuit and loves to draw strong female characters with awesome personalities. Clint Waters is the newest member of the Ionic Comics crew. Clint is a writer whose job it is to take Annie’s vague notes and turn them into something legible and readable for audiences to enjoy. Clint graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Western Kentucky University, but has been scribbling things down since he can remember. So please join us to learn more about these two amazing creators.