EPISODE 34 – AGP (Amanda Gilliam Presents) Scott Bachmann

On this episode of AGP, I welcome back my friend Scott Bachmann to the show. Scott Bachmann is the writer and publisher of Scott Comics, a small press company that publishes comics, novels, illustrated books, and game supplements. Stories range from adult to all ages and from dark to silly. Pretty much anything that Scott gets it in his mind to do he does. His most well known comic is Our Super Mom about a female super hero that retires to raise her family – but finds the hero life never really ends, especially when the kids develop powers of their own. In addition to print, the comic is also runs as a webcomic that updates twice a week. Scott has published short stories in the Pen and Cape super hero anthologies The Good Fight, and The Good Fight: Villains. He also has a story coming next month out in the Red Stylo Medias comic anthology 27. 27 refers to the 27 club of rock n roll legends that died at 27 like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendricks, and Kurt Cobain. The anthology is taking pre-orders now and will be a silver embossed hard cover book with over 200 pages of art. Scott’s latest work was released this August titled Grass is Awful. It’s an illustrated children’s book with over 60 pages of water color art by Heidi Black. It’s about a Unicorn who runs away from home because he hates his super. The conceit is that Unicorns can slash holes in the air with their horns which creates paths to other worlds. After bounding through worlds of marshmallow trees and never ending oceans he finds himself lost on earth and caught by a dog catcher. Scott’s works are in print on Amazon, digital on comiXology, Kindle, and DriveThruComics. All of his works can be found at Scottcomics.com and at OurSuperMom.com.