EPISODE129 – AGP (Amanda Gilliam Presents)Stephen J. Semones

On this episode of AGP, we welcome author, and fellow podcaster Stephen J. Semones to the show. Stephen is an Amazon Best-Selling Author, journalist, and former filmmaker. Stephen J. Semones began writing at an early age to satisfy his compulsion to tell stories. Since then, he has gone on to develop some of the most ambitious projects in the worlds of independent film, literature, and online radio. Retired from film, Stephen decided to put all of his focus on writing. His candid how-to-book on filmmaking, Beyond the Lens: A Beginner’s Guide to Filmmaking, hit the best-seller list five times and further established him as a formidable force in both the film and literary worlds. Since then, Stephen concentrated everything on writing fiction and received high praise upon release of his own superhero novel series, GLOOM. His other fiction works include contributing three short stories to the horror and science fiction compilation Timeless Requiem from Millenia Press and short stories for the Coscom Entertainment Metahuman anthologies. He’s also received critical acclaim with his frightening novella, THE SACRIFICE OF CANDACE BLAKE, and his horror novel, UNHINGED. Now writing full time and co-hosting a horror podcast, MORTIS, Stephen finds himself constantly interviewing, writing, and touring conventions. Stephen currently resides in Tennessee with his beautiful wife and their four children. For more information on Stephen J. Semones, visit: www.stephenjsemones.com or www.facebook.com/stephenjsemones