EPISODE120 – AGP (Amanda Gilliam Presents) with Shawn Harbin

On this episode of AGP, Amanda talks with Shawn Harbin. Shawn Harbin is a writer and artist, known mostly for his comic book work. He has two degrees from the University of Tennessee, and was trained by contemporary New York artists Eva Lundsager and Ann Craven. His work has been featured in Guitar World Magazine, Knights of The Diner Table, and The Video Podcast Pete’s Basement. He has contributed pencils to Red Stylo’s Shakespeare Shaken Anthology and Amber Love’s Holy Oak. He co-created, pencilled and inked the Comic book series Roadkill Du Jour with writer Kevin LaPorte. Shawn Harbin. Is responsible for creating, writing and drawing the webcomic Heldback and The Dungeon Comic. He has designed book covers for author John Dawson Jackson’s several book series. Frequently he has been the guest artist of numerous comic book conventions and appeared on the podcast 8bit-Heroes on The Nerdist, and on SoFlorida Radio’s The PowWow Show. TXW Wrestling and SAW Wrestling hired Shawn for his humor and was the featured color commentator for both shows for a few years. He also runs BSX22 Studios, a small freelance art/design company based in Knoxville, Tennessee, it focuses mainly on horror/fantasy genres with an emphasis on humor.