Gem City Comic Con Review

We are home from the Gem City Comic Con.

What can I say it was an amazing weekend for the show, and for the crew of AGP. Now in case you might now know, AGP and Gem City are sponsors of each other. So Amanda and her crew help run the Gem City Comic Con. Amanda is the social media manager, and also the high profile guest liaison. She is also in charge of the panels, and the volunteers, she stays busy. As for the rest of the crew, they assist Amanda in her act ivies, like recording videos, taking pictures, and making sure Amanda finds time to eat and drink (Amanda has a tendency to run herself into the ground when she works).

So how awesome was Gem City this year? Well like with every convention there were some hiccups, there were not enough badges printed, a few oopsies with the costume contest, and a mistake on one of the panel times, but stuff happens. The show as a whole was amazing. Load in and load out went really smoothly, the owner/operator of the show Jesse, did not end up in a wheel chair before the show opened. We were able to get everyone to there tables, pretty easily, and it was great seeing all of AGP work together to make this a great experience not only for the guest, but the fans, and staff as well.

Now on to some of the panels. The first panel owner/operator of AGP, Amanda, was asked to do a live podcast, with other podcasters on GemCity Podcast. They discussed about what got them into podcasting, what podcasts they listen to, and why the love doing it. Next there was a podcasting panel with Q&A followed, but for us the best panel had to be our own AGP videogaming panel. We did not expect anyone to show up to it, and instead we had have a room full, which is saying something since we were up against the Costume Contest, and everyone goes to that. It was a blast talking about our journey into gaming, why we love what we do, and answering questions for the audience. It was so popular, we were asked to do the panel again next year. It was an experience that the whole staff of AGP will never forget.

And if that wasn’t enough we also did a live Let’s Play of Alien Isolation from our hotel room, which you can find on Youtube.

Needless to say it was a great weekend, the whole staff had a great time. And we cannot wait until next year.

So thank you Gem City Comic Con for another great year, and we will see you next year, with new things coming.

And if you wan to learn more about Gem City Comic Con, follow them over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and also check out their website:

  • Amanda Gilliam