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Legend Of Dragoon By SCE Japan Studio

First of all this review will reveal as little about the plot as possible to avoid spoiling the game for those who have never played it, while talking about the game in general .

This is a game from the PS/ PSX era of gaming. The overall theme is you travel the world collect the powers of ancient dragons and vanquish the big bad. Standard stuff for an RPG game. Even though the game is old, it does have decent replay value due to the decent story and unique battle system. You play as the hero Dart, who is on his way home from looking for his father just to find his town destroyed and his sweetheart kidnapped. This forces the player to rescue her and pulls the player into a chain of events that both threatens the world, giving you the chance to be a hero and save it from forces from the ancient past.

Each of the main characters Dart, Shana, Maranda, Rose, Lavits, Albert, Hershal, Meru, and Kongol receive dragon souls throughout the game which allow them to transform into new forms (dragoons) and use magic for up to 5 rounds of combat when fully upgraded. Each character also has their own weapons and special attacks that require precise button presses to activate and power up. Which stops people from mindlessly level and skill grinding. The endgame is very challenging to most players unless you have spent the time to power up your most powerful attacks and the three characters you take into the fight. Each character is also linked to an element like fire for Dart and darkness for Rose. The elemental weakness/strengths does effect combat so, for example fighting water enemies with dart allows him to do more damage but he also takes more in return.

Overall the game has decent if somewhat blocky graphics, and a decent soundtrack. The cut-scenes are a little rough as well but again that is to be expected from a game that is from the PS/PSX era. The story is compelling if somewhat clichéd due to the age of the game. Control wise it works very well for a stationary camera angle on world screens and a few fixed angles during combat. Being stuck using Dart can be annoying but he is the best well rounded character, while each other the other characters have their own strengths and weaknesses. The good thing about that is it allows for the player to change their tactics somewhat to suit their play style. If you want to run through this game it will probably take you 30-40 hours, more if you try to find all the collectables (stardust) and manage to defeat the secret boss that is stronger than the final boss of the game.
I do recommend this game to anyone looking for an older quality game to play in their spare time, or for anyone looking for a unique game to play.

By Tyler Van Winkle (pantheon113)