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EPISODE 86 – AGP (Amanda Gilliam Presents)

On this episode of AGP, I welcome comic creator Josh Warner to the show. Josh is a professional comic book artist and cartoonist. Josh is courrently inking G.I. Joe from Fun Publications and completing issue #15 in his highly acclaimed series Moose Miht: The adventures of Mighty Moose. Josh credits include such titles such as penciling and inking on G.I. Joe vs Cobra from Fun Publications, Scarlet Huntress from Savage Mind Comic Studio, and Transformers: Timelines from Fun Publications. Josh is the creator, artist, and self publisher of the critically praised comic book, MOOS MIHT: The Adventures of Mighty Moose. So please join us tonight as we learn more about Josh, and see who else will be joining us tonight, because we have a second special guest on as well.