Monthly Archives: July 2016

EPISODE 81 – AGP (Amanda Gilliam Presents) with Austin Allen Hamblin

On this episode of AGP I am joined by comic creator Austin Allen Hamblin. Austin is a comic book writer from small town Iowa. Though only 21 years of age he has 16 published credits in comic books. He has interned for Devils Due/First Comics. He loves to write sci-fi, horror, and fantasy comics. Austin loves comic books, professional wrestling, anime, writing, rock music, and power rangers. Austin is going to share info on his latest project his Kickstart The Adventures of Punk and Rock Volume 1. The Adventures of Punk and Rock follows the two title characters (Punk and Rock) two screw up space bounty hunters as well as a third main character the narrator. The Narrator not only narrates the comic, but he interacts with the reader, Punk, Rock, and only narrates the comic because he needs to pay alimony to his ex wife. So please join us to learn more about the Kickstarter and other works of Austin, on AGP.