Daily Archives: January 19, 2016

EPISODE 56 – AGP (Amanda Gilliam Presents) with comic creator Phil Machi

On this episode of AGP, I will be joined by comic creator Phil Machi. Phil Machi is a cartoonist and entertainer. In the comics community, he is best known for his strip “Retail Sunshine” and has just re-released the book “‘Twas the Day After Turkey” featuring the characters from that series! He has been making comics since 1996 when he first introduced his long-running series “Livestock” to the world. Since then, his company of the same name, Livestock Productions has been the umbrella for numerous projects like the “Peter Meadowdale” comedies, “The Phil Show!” and most recently the pop-culture podcast “Nate Has an Hour to Phil.” His works feature original characters and stories in a variety of mediums. This is due to his many interests in all things entertainment and continues to be a signature mark of Livestock Productions. So please join us today to learn more about Phil’s work in the comic industry and so much more.