Daily Archives: November 10, 2015

EPISODE 48 – AGP with video game designer Rob Buchheit

On this episode of AGP, I am pleased to welcome video game designer Rob Buchheit to the show. Rob Buchheit (Boo-kite) is co-founder and CEO of Nectar Game Studios, a new video game studio based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been passionate about video games since he could hold a controller, and that interest has only increased over time. Rob’s passion for game design eventually lead to a Master’s in Game Design and Production from Full Sail University. It was a difficult and exhausting trial-by-fire education, but the friendships and experience he gained there were invaluable. At Full Sail, he worked on three student games and was also chosen for an internship at their User Experience Lab. After graduation, he returned home to Ohio and struggled for months seeking game dev jobs to no avail. It was tempting to give up and find any normal (boring) work then, but fate intervened and he met his co-founder Ben Cassell (aka CohhCarnage on Twitch) and they started collaborating on Project Resurgence together. Over the next three years, they built up a team from friends, coworkers, and kindly internet strangers. Rob’s background in graphic design and creative writing has also served him well for Resurgence. His favorite genre is RPGs, but he also loves artsy indie games and anything with a good story. His other interests include board games, beer, and binge watching TV series. Rob will be joining us tonight to tell us about his latest video game, Project Resurgence, a single-player narrative-driven roleplaying game focusing on player choice and freedom, released in five episodes, and about the Kickstater they are hosting to fund the project.