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EPISODE 44 – AGP with Kenny Keen from Midnight Horizon

On this episode of AGP I welcome Kenny Keen from Midnight Horizon to the show. In 1996 Midnight Horizon Comics was founded by Kenny Keen as a small press comic book company. While honing his skills he made his first attempt at publishing the rough and gritty, action packed SLAYER : One Shot. This was a character that he had created as a child and was done in vein of a lot of indy 90’s properties such as The Crow, Razor, and Frank Miller’s Batman run. Dark, edgy comics was everywhere back then but the market became flooded with them and Slayer which still had an ameraturish look to it went on hiatis for a bit. Jumping into the small press scene, Kenny then published some of his older Expulse comics and contributing art chores to a few small press comics. He later picked back up on Slayer as a series and also partnered up with Highburn Studios and contributed lettering for several of their comics. Realising that Slayer was going in the wrong direction and not yet ready to put his mark on the comic book industry, Kenny pulled back before finishing issue 5 and plans a revamp and relaunch for the character that he holds close to his heart., He then went on to publish an updated Expulse #1 written by Keen with art by Lyle Pollard followed by Ruthless #0 written by Randy Parker with art by Pollard once more, and inks by Keen, Michael Watkins, John Anderson, and Pollard. Pulling back from the Super Hero scene, Keen then focused on a new horror antholgy idea back in 2008 and launched the yearly published “Horrific Tales Anthology.” The book would run for four years collecting stories from several talented, upcoming writers and artists. The company now has grown and matured from it’s small press days and has bigger goals on where it’s headed in the future. It has a focus on the darker, edgier side of comics. Horror, Vigilante Justice, Edgy Super Hero Adventures, Gritty Cartoons and Mature Slice of Life comics are what genres we will be covering. Something for everyone.