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Hello everyone,

On October 11th, AGP was at the Ohio Toy and Comic Show. This show was held on October 11th 2015. It was a smaller show, but still had plenty of toys, comics, podcasts, art, books, and cosplay for any nerd/geek. On top of a great selection of vendors/exhibitors, there was amazing door prizes, some I wish I could have won, give out ever couple of hours.

I truly enjoyed being at the show, I got to hang out with some of my closet friends, get some great interviews, and got to teach one of my dearest friends that the infinity gauntlet is not a pimp hand.

I also want to thank my Mother, if it was not for her I would not have had business cards ready for the show, nor would I have had the first run of AGP shirts, and I also want to thank my friend Cassi, for going to the show with me, and taking care of the table, as I ran around and got pictures, and most of all, giving Tony and I a great laugh by calling the infinity gauntlet “The Pimp Hand”.

All and all I had a wonderful time at the Ohio Toy and Comic Show, and hope to be back next year.

  • Amanda (AGP)

Ohio Toy and Comic Show 2015 (October 11th)