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Comic Review of The Samaritan #1-3 Collected

Writer: Victor Dandridge
Artist: Ren McKinzie
Publisher: Vantage: Inhouse Productions

Indie comics are famous for exploring new directions in comics, whether being jokey, dark, or looking into previously unconsidered corners of the world. Writer Victor Dandridge Jr launches his own look into the world of superheroes in The Samaritan, by doing just that.

This series is a superhero-noir feature that puts the super-powered hero, who happens to be as down to Earth as can be, foregoing the costume and codename to bring about change in people’s lives.

The series takes place in a housing project, which has gone ignored and under served for quite some time. This is where we are introuced to Mr. Smith, and it does not take long for his intentions become clear, as he saves a child from a terrible fate, and how he plans on saving the neighborhood, one person at a time.

Victor dives deep into the story, showing a dramatic and dark settinging a need of a hero. He really knows how to tell a dramatic story.
The artwork by Ren McKinzie is beautiful, his shadow work is very balanced, the details in the drawing really put you in the story, you feel the run down, dirty place depicted in the comic.

The teaming of Victor Dandridge and Ren McKinzie is amazing, the comic tells you the story in both words and art, but together the comic just rings out beautifully.

In closing if you are a superhero fan, and crime noir fan, or a dramatic story fan, I highly recommend picking this comic up.