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Comic Review of Cemetery Plots #1

Cemetery Plots #1


Writer: Dan Johnson, Art: Rob Gant, & Letters: Dave Hearn


Writer/Art: Rob Gant

Head Games:

Writer: Dan Johnson, Pencils: Gary O’Donnell, Inks: Barbar Johnson Kaalberg, & Letters: Andy Korty

Three Way:

Writer: Dan Johnson and Art: Steve Casper

The Unfaithful:

Writer: Alexter Albury, Pencils: Gary O’Donnell, Inks: Andy Korty, & Letters: Dave Hearn

Rest in Pieces:

Writer: Dan Johnson, Pencils: Eric Bowen, Inks: Andy Korty, & Letters: Dave Hearn

Dead Man’s Warning

Writer: Larry Underwood

Bonus Pin-Up

Art: Steve Casper


Pencils: Rodney Bennett and Color/Graphics: Rob Gant

Published by: Empire Comics Lab

Release Date: July 2015


Cemetery Plots is a horror anthology comic book, which is will remind you of the legendary line of not-meant-for-children comics from the n1950s, Tales from the Crypt.

The genre of horror is vast, and can cover a variety of stories dealing with the kind of frights people suffer from or inflict on others, and the stories here go into enough of those dark corners to provide for nearly every taste in fear. For fans of the supernatural there are monsters, werewolves, mad men and other sorts of non-human, or formerly human, menaces to be scared of.

One odd thing about horror stories is that we can sometimes laugh at them. The readers may find themselves chuckling more than they would expect at this book. Sometimes this will be because of the host of the stories, D.O.

A number of the stories are written as setups for shock endings. Sometimes these endings constitute a terrible person receiving a sort of poetic justice in the end. After a few stories like this, readers might just find some endings a little easy to predict. This does not diminish the quality of the horror. Think of it rather as when one reads a great mystery story. One is expected to put the clues together to try and solve the mystery before reaching the ending. Plus, some of us still like to see the bad guy get it in the worst way in the end.

The art detail is not spared, but just enough realism is used to ground the story as much as possible. Characters can be extremely beautiful or extremely garish, sometimes going from one to the other when fear takes over.

Overall, anyone who loved Tales from the Crypt, Creep Show, or just a general lover of horror fiction should not miss out on this comic.