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Comic Review of The Horror Show #1 & #2

The Horror Show #1 & #2

Writer: James Maddox

Artist: Todd Beistel

Publisher: Broken Icon Comics

 Release Date: March 13, 2013

When you pick up a comic, and read the title, it should give you a sense for what you are getting yourself into, and The Horror Show is a perfect example of this.  This comic does not disappoint in the fact there is horror, and plenty of it to go around.

The story starts with two friends hanging out in a log cabin, drinking and telling stories, when they hear a strange noise from outside.  Upon investigating a swarm of zombies break through the window, then the story has a dramatic twist, and the twists are what his comic is all about.

James Maddox provides a solid plot twist, his writing and storyline have the ability to keep you turning the page to find out what will happen next.  The pacing of the comic is fast, but it give you the sense of panic that come with horror.

The artwork done by Todd Beistel adds another layer to this terrifying work.  The artwork is done with black and white inks, with splashes of red, which makes the blood jump out at the reader, and is quite effective in making you jump out of your skin.

The least horrifying aspect of this comic is the price.  The digital PDF is completely free. You can download it at http://www.brokeniconcomics.com/ths/ths.pdf. If you like horror comics at all or would like to try one, check this one out, and then race to grab Issue #2